We are located in a tiny pedmontese location: Casaleggio Boiro, in the Monferrato area.
Our story begins in the early 1900s, with the purchase of the first land and the start of the first fermentations: we began a project that seemed to be well-defined from the very beginning, but that inevitably had to give way to growth and innovation.
In fact, the person who is still referred to in our family as great-grandfather Pipino began tenaciously cultivating the first Dolcetto grapes, an autochthonous Piedmontese variety.

In the following years, his son Guido joined the father’s project, remaining in the company and providing his valuable contribution. Guido gave the company its true identity, expanding and beginning to spread our products outside our small reality: in fact, it is thanks to him that our wines were able to reach different areas of Piedmont, Liguria and then the rest of Italy.
In the years to come, his sons Andrea and Enrico also contributed to the affirmation and expansion of the project, aspiring to a more modern and international vision.
In the early 2000s, this concept was confirmed with the construction of the new cellar, located a few hundred metres from the original one.
Thanks to it, we were able to expand with new technology in winemaking and a cutting-edge bottling line: as a result, also the quality of the wines was greatly enhanced in the future vintages.
Today we are proud to find our wines in restaurants, wine cellars, wine shops and planes all over the world, in the hope that our efforts can be transformed into a passionate emotion that passes through a Mazzarello signature wine.